Course categories

Portal (My Home) 
 How to add Tabs to your My Home
 Add a New Portlet to your My Home
 Remove Portlets from Tabs on My HomeSummary
 Define your Favorite WorkspacesSummary
 How to Manage your Workspace MailboxSummary
 Invite People to Join your WorkspaceSummary
 Using the Team DirectorySummary
Company Directory 
 Company Directory Course
Document Manager 
 1.1 Search for a DocumentSummary
 2.1 View a Document in the Asite ViewerSummary
 2.2 Compare Document RevisionsSummary
 3.1 Publish Document and Assign ActionsSummary
 3.2 Revise your DocumentSummary
 4.1 Download Multiple DocumentsSummary
 4.2 Download a DocumentSummary
 5.1 Add a Comment to a DocumentSummary
 6.1 Mark your Unread Comments as ReadSummary
 9.1 View Document Distribution HistorySummary
Workflow Manager 
 1.2 Advanced Search for a DocumentSummary
 3.3 Distribute a Document and Assign ActionsSummary
 3.4 How to Delegate ActionsSummary
 5.2 Complete a for Comment ActionSummary
 7.1 Action Multiple Documents from the BasketSummary
Forms Manager 
 8.1 Create a FormSummary
 8.2 Respond to a FormSummary
 8.3 How to Associate Documents to a FormSummary
 8.4 How to Edit an Existing FormSummary
 NEW for AUTUMN RELEASE Creating a Workspace Template
 NEW for AUTUMN RELEASE Defining User Role Memberships
 NEW for AUTUMN RELEASE Create and Manage User Roles within your Workspace
 10.1 Creating and Editing your WorkspaceSummary
 10.4 Create and Edit Distribution GroupsSummary
 10.5 Manage Document StatusesSummary
 10.6 Manage a Purpose of IssueSummary
 10.7 Create and Edit Folders - SubfoldersSummary
 10.8 Adding Form Templates to your WorkspaceSummary
 10.9 Manage Form SettingsSummary
 10.10 How to Clear Multiple Actions
 10.11 How to Edit Documents Meta-DataSummary
 10.12 How to Move Documents to another Folder
 10.13 How to give External Access to DocumentsSummary
 10.14 How to Assign Proxy UsersSummary
 10.15 How to Deactivate and Reactivate DocumentsSummary
 10.16 How to Change a Document StatusSummary
Asite Reporting 
 How to Export Reports from your WorkspaceSummary
 How to Create your own Reports
Asite Navigator 
 Working with NavigatorSummary
AppLibrary Applications (Built using AppBuilder) 
 NEC Manager as the Project ManagerSummary
 NEC Manager as the ContractorSummary
 Supplier Management Solutions
cMAX Pro - All Addons 

cMAX - Project Setup 
 a. How to setup a ProjectSummary
 b. How to setup Project Master CodesSummary
 c. How to import Project Master Codes using Import from excel functionSummary

cMAX - PreQualification Management 
 a. How to setup a PreQualification ReviewSummary
 b. Invitation to Pre-QualifySummary
 c. Pre-Qualification Response by SupplierSummary
 d. How to approve Pre-Qualification ResponseSummary

cMAX - Bid Management 
 a. Invitation to BidSummary
 b. How to create Bid ResponseSummary
 c. How to approve Bid ResponseSummary
 d. How to setup SubcontractsSummary

cMAX - Construction Management 
 a. How to Issue SubmittalsSummary
 b. How to submit Submittals by SupplierSummary
 c. How to assign Status and issue Submittals to ArchitectsSummary
 d. Response to Submittals by Architect-ConsultantSummary
 e. How to approve SubmittalsSummary
 f. How to create InstructionsSummary
 g. How to create Risk NoticesSummary
 h. How to create Punch ListsSummary
Skanska Procurement Manager 
 a. Skanska Procurement Manager IntroductionSummary

i. Setup 
 a. How to setup Skanska User InformationSummary
 b. How to edit Skanska User InformationSummary
 c. How to setup Company InformationSummary
 d. How to edit Company Setup InformationSummary
 e. How to setup Contract ProfileSummary
 f. How to edit Contract ProfileSummary
 g. How to setup an Order ProfileSummary
 h. How to edit an Order ProfileSummary
 i. How to clone a workspace from Workspace TemplateSummary

ii. Purchasing 
 a. How to view Blanket OrdersSummary
 b. How to view Order and AmendmentsSummary
 c. How to view Order from Asite HubSummary

iii. Shipping 
 a. How to view Goods Receipt NoteSummary
 b. How to view Goods Receipt Note from Asite HubSummary

iv. Invoice 
 a. How to view InvoicesSummary
 b. How to view Invoices from Asite HubSummary

v. Call Off 
 a. How to create a Call Off OrderSummary

vi. Catalog 
 a. How to publish a CatalogSummary
 b. How to publish a Contract Based CatalogSummary
BIM & GSL eLearning Sessions 
 1.0 Dashboard
 1.1 BIM Basics